​​​​​Josh appel

Please accept this letter of recommendation for Josh Appel. I have served as Josh's talent coach since the fall of 2012. It's an honor to write this, as Josh is a young man who stands out both professionally and personally, and I guarantee Josh would be a great edition to your school, team, or radio station.
Josh is passionate, smart, mature, and has a desire to learn that is unmatched. He also has a voice that   is simply off the charts.

Josh and I work together each week on the fundamentals of play-by-play.  His energy, enthusiasm, and feel for the game puts Josh among the elite of college students I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  From the moment I began working with Josh, I knew he was someone who was destined to be a huge success in our business. Talent, work-ethic, and character is always a winning combination.  
Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further help as it pertains to my client and friend Josh Appel. Someday we all will say we knew him when.
David Brody
President-Broadcaster Marketing Services


To whom it may concern:

Josh has the kind of ambition, intelligence and respect that any institution of higher learning would want on its campus. He is sure to make you proud because of the way he cares. He is responsible, hard-working and knows what he wants, and he isn't going to allow anyone or anything get in the way of him making your university proud to have him as a student. He is unusually mature for his age, and all he needs is the kind of guidance and environment where he can learn to chase what he wants with care and efficiency. I assure you that he's an uncommon young man, and he will make any university that nurtures him appear to have what it is that he covets so fervently by applying to your school -- wisdom.


Dan LeBatard

Sports Talk 790 The Ticket

Letters of recommendation from Dan Lebatard and Stugotz

(Interned for them prior to attending USF.)

I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Josh Appel as an important member of your organization. Josh has a passion to be a broadcaster, and will be a major asset in his field. He is a proven communicator who will greatly benefit any program that brings him aboard.

I had the privilege of working with Josh for two years at The University of South Florida in 2015/2016.  Our team accomplished rare success on and off the field. For the first time since 2002, we advanced to the NCAA tournament. This success was enhanced by the coverage we received from Josh as one of our radio announcers. He is a true professional, whose maturity belies his years. More importantly, he has the talent that will blossom as he advances in his career.

Having been in sports at the collegiate and professional level as a player and coach for twenty-six years, I have worked with many great broadcasters. This includes talent that advanced to such teams as the New England Patriots, New Orleans Pelicans, Houston Texans, and San Antonio Spurs. At the same age of development, I would put Josh squarely in their company.

I recommend, without hesitation, Josh Appel for your program. If you require any other background information I can be reached in my office at ***-***-****. Thank you for your time.


Mark Kingston                                                                            

Head Baseball Coach                                                                  

Univeristy of South Carolina

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Josh Appel, who has interned for me at Sports Talk 790 The Ticket in Miami. Josh is a great kid who has displayed maturity well beyond his years. I met Josh because he won a promotion to have lunch with me and he turned that meeting into an internship on the highest rated sports show in the history of South Florida.

From the second I met him, Josh knew exactly what he wanted to do and is willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. Qualities that are very rare for a person his age, and very impressive. He works hard, shows up early, stays late and does it all with a smile on his face. Whatever institution is lucky enough to have a person like Josh will be a better one for it.


Jon "Stugotz" Weiner

Sports Talk 790 The Ticket